The Daysaver Ambassador Program

Daysaver has grown with the community and we want to continue to expand our reach and engage with even more bike enthusiasts in the future.


So if you create great and unique content in the bike area and you are regularly active on social media, apply for our program!


If you don’t consider yourself a potential ambassador but know someone that definitely could be, just give us a hint.


What you get:

  • You will get amazing discounts on our products or be fully equipped with all Daysaver products (depending on your reach and activity)
  • Occasionally you’ll get new prototypes to test
  • You get free merchandizing articles

What you give:

  • You are highly active on social media and create relevant content in the cycling area
  • You have a significant number of followers on multiple channels
  • You create & post content about our products on a regular basis (min. weekly) on your channels and share it with us
  • You share feedback of your experience with our products & prototypes directly with us

Apply now for our Ambassador Program

    How would you call yourself?

    Which disciplines of cycling are you into?

    Your social channels (please provide a URL!!!)

    What are your plans for the next 12 month? Races? Events? Tours?

    If we decide to onboard you to our program, how would you increase our brand visibility and awareness?

    Suggest someone as Ambassador

      That persons social channels (Please provide a URL!!)


      Spend 70 get 5%100 get 10%200 get 15% Discount