Frequently asked questions

Do standard bits fit into Daysaver?
Since we have the HEX 8 on the tool and it has to withstand enormous torques, the wall thickness cannot be reduced to fit standard bits.


Why is the mount so expensive?
It’s because at the moment, we have to 3D print it in a relatively small batch. To make it cheaper, we need to change to serial production processes which is only possible (and cost-effective) when we produce much larger batches in the future.


What is the advantage of plasma coated bits?
The plasma coating has two advantages: 1. The color code gives you a better usability of the bits. You always know which bit to use. 2. The plasma coating gives an additional corrosion protection on top of the normal one.


Are rubber end caps included?
Yes! We will deliver every Daysaver with two rubber end caps.


Can I use the mount together with a bottle cage?
Yes. We deliver free-of-charge spacers and screws in order to let you attach your bottle cage on top of the Daysaver mount.


Can I pay via bank transfer?
We only offer this option in extraordinary cases and check each individual request. A bank payment causes a lot of administrative work for us, which is why we usually do not accept it.

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