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The perfect combinations for your ride

Multitool on the frame, 14 tools in the pocket or the full kit with whatever you take on your ride attached to your bike.

    Mix and match what saves your day

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    We are looking for you! If you are a passionate cyclist and you like to produce and share content about your passion on social, then we should work together! We will equip you with our cool products and you will do, what you like to do most: cycling and talking about it on social! APPLY NOW on our website for the Daysaver Ambassador Program (link in the bio). πŸ˜ŽπŸ€˜πŸš€ #cyclingpassion #neverstop #endlessfun #ambassadors ...

    While the world is slowly getting back to work after the holidays, our suppliers' machines are already running at full speed for our 2023 product lineup. Here is a look behind the scenes. This is how the mold for one of the next products is being machined from one solid block of steel. Cool, isn't it? 🀘😎#multitool #cyclingtools #neverstop #cyclingpassion #multitools ...

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    The Coworking5 features shown by the Gehrig Twins

    The Daysaver features shown by Mathias FlΓΌckiger

    Claudio Caluori introduces the Daysaver

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