9 biketools at 45 grams to save your day

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    Carry it in your pockets or attach it to the frame

    The Daysaver is small enough to fit in any pocket, whether it is your shorts or jersey pocket. But for those who want to carry the Daysaver on the frame, we have developed the Daysaver-Mount. A low profile part which fits on the bottle-cage mount.


    Here comes the real innovation! We create an incredible 9 in 1 allen key tool by not just using bits, but by intelligently nesting them. Bit in bit.

    PB Swiss Tools corrosion resistant high tension chrome steel 1.4034, hardness 55 HRC.


    Plasma color coated bits for improved corrosion resistance and usability (Option).


    Manufactured according to the requirements of sustainable development – DIN EN ISO 14001:2015-11.

    Short lever length: 30 mm (without bits)


    Long lever length: 80 mm (without bits)


    Weight: 45 grams


    Inscriptions: Laser engraving


    Each bit can be used on both lever sides.

    Screws are sensitive creatures. With the wrong torque they are either broken or too loosely tightened. With the two different lever length of our tool you can give each screw the required amount of love. Your screws will thank you with endless fun.

    With a bulky minitool you cannot reach many screws on the bike properly. Result: worn screws or scratches on the frame. With the simple and slim form factor of our tool, you can get to any screw and tighten or loosen it the right way. That’s a promise!

    Magnets as bit retention make sure the bits stay put and guarantee an easy handling, even in dirty and wet conditions.

    PB Swiss Tools was so convinced by our idea that they decided to support us as a technology partner. We are thrilled to have the best possible partner for development and production to deliver the most outstanding mini tool that has ever existed to you!

    And now comes the icing on the cake! Not only do we provide you with the best mini tool, we’re gonna take it to the next level. We’re giving you a lifetime warranty. Why should we? Because we believe in the quality of our product and know that we have the best possible technology partner.

    We live, work and ride in cycling paradise Switzerland. For us it was clear: we want to do everything here on our doorstep in close cooperation with friends and partners. That’s why Daysaver is 100% made in Switzerland.

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