Daysaver – A Bike Multitool with 9 Tools at 45 Grams

Daysaver Frame Mount

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    Would you like to write a part of our success story? We are looking for a bike-mad intern to help us plan and prepare our next crowdfunding campaign. Interested? Then write to us at ...

    Shipping has started! Quite a lot of Daysaver around us... The goal is to ship all tiers this week. Depending on the postal service in your country, it will take more or less time for your Daysaver to arrive - so please be patient. And since we are sending it as a letter, we can't give you a tracking number. ...

    Pros about Daysaver

    Claudio Caluori introduces the Daysaver

    The Daysaver features shown by Mathias Flückiger

    Daysaver in the Press


    Hall of Thanks

    Mathias Flückiger

    XC Pro & our Kickstarter movie hero

    Claudio Calouri

    Swiss DH Legend  & Pumptrack Builder

    Caro & Anita Gehrig

     Top EWS Racer, Norco Twin Racing

    Karin Christen

    Friend, Supporter & Dooropener

    Michèle & Patrick

    The Kickstarter video makers

    Alec Wohlgroth

    Cameraman & Bike Enthusiast

    Our VIP backers

    Marike Carstens

    Susanne Eisenegger

    Steven Van Royen

    Silvio Claluena

    Fahrschule Corradini



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