Daysaver – A Bike Multitool with 9 Tools at 45 Grams

Daysaver Frame Mount

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    Voices from the Daysaver community: „Day is saved in Niagara Falls Canada. Received mine yesterday! By far the best Bike tool I own.“ ...

    Helped out at todays women bike camp by @anitagehrig and @caro_gehrig to check the riders bikes. It was pretty cool to fix everything we found with just one tool 😉👌. #bikelife #bikelove #mtblife #multitools #cyclingpassion ...

    Next Saturday we will be present at the #twinswomensbikecamp by @anitagehrig and @caro_gehrig in @laax. After helping out to check the bikes of the participants the Daysaver staff will shred the trails in Flims/Laax for the rest of the day. We will give the Daysaver used at that check to the first insta follower who meets us ON THE TRAILS and reposts this post (you will recognize us by the Daysaver shirt). For all other insta followers who find us, we will provide a voucher for our online shop. So follow us, repost this post and come on Saturday to Flims/Laax! ...

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    Claudio Caluori introduces the Daysaver

    The Daysaver features shown by Mathias Flückiger

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    Mathias Flückiger

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