The Daysaver Coworking5 Story

Our community basically kicked off the next stage of the Daysaver journey with us during the launch of the Original9. With all the kudos for our tool, it was clear what was still missing to save our bikers’ day for good: a tire lever and a chain breaker. Challenge accepted!


Reduced To The Max

Coworking5 OptionsWe wouldn’t be Daysaver if we hadn’t thought about how to pack the maximum functionality into the smallest possible form factor. Of course, usability must not be compromised in the process. This is true in general, but especially for the chain breaker. How can we ensure optimized use of force? How do we facilitate correct placement with an innovative chain guide? Which additional functions can be helpful? Well, obviously 5, as the name suggests.


Not Just Another Tool, But a Coworker 

Original9 and Coworking5 layoutThe key idea in the development of the Coworking5 was that of modularity. We don’t want our customers to buy different products depending on their bike adventure. But that they can configure the Daysaver solutions according to their needs. So a tire lever not only had to perfectly complement the Original9, but together form a next-level workshop-quality solution for on the ride. 


Speaking Of Modularity 

Cradle mount with Original9Modularity in the configuration of the ideal tool setup also means the choice between different mounts. Needless to say that you can carry all Daysaver tools in your pants or jacket pocket or obviously in your backpack. But there are also customers who like to have everything attached to the bike. That’s why we also introduced a new mount with the Coworking5: the Cradle. It not only holds the combination of the Essential8 or Original9 and Coworking5, but also a spare tube, CO2 cartridge or whatever else you want to have with you on the ride.


Kick It Off – Again 

Details chain and Original9Of course, a new product also involves new investments. In this case, injection molds. This is the only way to produce a top quality tire lever that is both strong and responsive enough to function but not break. To cover these expenses, we have again launched a Kickstarter campaign. This not only gave us feedback from our community on whether the Coworking5 is a product worth buying. The rate of returning customers would also tell us if our concept of modularity is desirable and understood. We can say yes to all of it. After 48 hours and with 40% returning customers, we had reached our funding goal. With this success came great pride and the question: what’s next?