The Daysaver Essential8 Story

Essential8 detail


The Learnings

The Original9 multitool has now been on the market for some time and we have been able to gain a few learnings from our own experience and from customer feedback. One of the most important findings is that accessibility is not guaranteed with some SRAM derailleurs. Another interesting customer feedback is that the Philips bit is not important for a majority. Last but not least, many bikers find the Original9 fantastic, but cannot or do not want to spend so much money on a multitool. So how can we address these optimisations and achieve at least the same quality at a lower price to save the day for even more bikers?


Making the excellent even better

Essential8 33 gramsThe solution seems logical. The form factor must be adapted to solve the accessibility problem. We can do this by dispensing with the hex8 in the long lever and thus achieving smaller dimensions.

As a consequence, one bit needs to be dropped – you guessed right, the Philips turned out not to be important for everyone anyway. We will offer it as an optional bit for all customers who nevertheless do not want to do without it.

Multitool optimised and quality increased, weight decreased, price reduced – we guess mission accomplished.


Supported by Our Community

We are constantly in touch with our customers and ambassadors to discover new needs. So we are already in the process of fulfilling the next customer requests that the community has addressed to us…