The Optimising-the-Details Story

Real Customer-Centred Product Development

We are proud to have such a great community that supports us in developing and improving our products in a user-centric way. Even small tweaks can have a significant impact on the user experience. That’s why we’ve taken on the topic of “protection and covers”.


Protection in Style

Original9 detail and HugThe rubber end caps were not very popular from the beginning. Neither with ourselves nor with our customers. We are not exactly proud of this solution.
On the one hand, they are aesthetically questionable, on the other hand, they are not convincing from a usability point of view.

That’s why we developed the Hug. A much more elegant solution that also protects the entire multitool. And if necessary, it can also serve as bit storage.

For those who like to carry their multitool in their trouser or jacket pocket or throw it in their backpack: here you go!


Protection Made Smart

Guard detailA wish that many customers have expressed is a cover for the multitool/Coworking5 combination. Mainly to protect themselves when carrying the tools in their trouser or jacket pockets. Or the tools as such, no matter where you stow them. Also, some customers were worried that they might lose the bits of the multitool.

Various solutions were considered in this regard. In the end, we and the test users were convinced by the Guard. The protective functionality is ideal, as is the accessibility. And the case also offers space for patches, glue tubes or cash. Or whatever else you want to put there.

The Guard is the basic product. Of course, it’s a no brainer to think about whether you can attach it to the bike in a useful way. Let’s see…


Ultimate Fixture

We have taken up the bikers’ need to attach gear to the bike with the Cradle mount. And the customer feedback has taught us a lot again. Most importantly, that they appreciate this fixing option and want more flexibility and possible applications.

Our new Whip lives up to this. Not only does it give Cradle owners more options as to whether and what they want to attach to the mount. The new strap offers all bikers the possibility of using the strap anywhere on the bike, completely independently of the Cradle. And to attach anything from a spare tube to a jacket to a lunch pack – no matter where on the bike.