• In this configuration, you can take the tool with you, whether in your pocket or backpack or using an Incredible mount. Tip: if you use the handlebar mount, you can mount and equip the tubeless plug on the outside so that it is immediately ready for use in an emergency.

  • Daysaver Support Coworking7TL Carrying
  • Daysaver Support Coworking7TL Chain Breaker
  • If you want to use the chain breaker, you can push it out from below and slide it into the slot provided as shown.

  • On this side of the tool, you will find the blade and the tubeless plug. Unscrew the cap, carefully slide the blade out and insert it through the opening provided so that the blade is on one side of the cap and the tubeless plug is on the other. Screw the cap with the blade into the tool and you are ready to repair your tubeless tire.

  • Daysaver Support Coworking7TL Plug
  • Daysaver Support Coworking7TL Blade
  • If you have mounted the blade on one side of the cap and the tubeless plug on the other as described above, you can simply flip the cap, screw the tubeless plug into the tool and use the blade to cut off any protruding ends of the repair plug.

  • Chain link holder

    Daysaver Support Coworking7TL Chain Link Holder

    Magnets are embedded at the chain breaker end of the tool. You can place two chain links in the tool.

  • Spoke wrench

    Daysaver Support Coworking5 Spoke Wrench

    Remove the chain breaker as shown above, take it in your hand and you will find the spoke wrench on the side of the bolt head.

  • Valve core tool

    Daysaver Support Coworking5 Valve Core Tool

    A valve core tool is embedded opposite the spoke wrench.