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Your day-saving multitool for everything that is important on the trail around screws. With 8 tools at only xx grams, you get the smallest and lightest multitool with workshop quality and functionality. The form factor of an allen key gives you perfect accessibility to all screws and exactly the torque you need. Of course, in the uncompromising Daysaver quality made of corrosion resistant steel.

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All covered for screws, wheels and chain

Essential8 & Coworking5

We all know that anything can happen on a longer tour. A flat tire or a broken chain can easily kill your adventure. The good news: not if you have the Essential8 and the Coworking5 with you! The multitool extension Coworking5 offers 5 workshop quality functions at an incredible 35 grams. With chain breaker, tire lever, spoke wrench, valve core and chain link holder, you cover almost everything around wheel or chain that can ruin your day. All components are held in place by magnets, obviously including the Essential8. Your adventure will never end with this combination.

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Don't touch my bike!

Essential8 & Coworking5 & Guard
We got you. You like your bike clean and stylish and don't want to ruin the look with anything attached to it. Then the Guard is the right solution for you to carry the Essential8/Coworking5 combination neatly and protected in your trouser or jacket pocket or backpack. And the Guard even offers space for some cash or other small day-saving stuff.

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Reduced to the max for the minimalists

Essential8 & Hug
You just want to have a multitool with you, and that's it? Then you should protect your Essential8 with the Hug. Now you can carry it in your trouser or jacket pocket in peace of mind - tool and bits are protected and so are you in case you crash. Of course, you can also throw the Essential8 into your backpack when it's wrapped in the Hug. But that would no longer be minimalist, right?

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Snap and go

Essential8 & Carrier
You are also a minimalist, but don't like to pack gear in your trouser or jacket pockets? No problem, the Carrier1 mount does the trick. The low profile mount fits on the bottle-cage mount – without or with your bottle cage on top. It makes the Essential8 almost invisible and immediately at hand when needed.

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