The light & workshop quality multitool extension.


The multitool extension Coworking5 offers workshop quality without compromise at an incredibly light weight of 35 grams. The small but handy size ensures that it is convenient to use and portable. We use the best possible materials to guarantee longevity and durability. All tools are held together by magnets and are easy to take apart and put back together. Enhance your Daysaver multitool or any other multitool with these features:


  • chain breaker
  • tire lever
  • spoke wrench
  • valve core
  • chain link holder


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The Underlying Magic

With the tire lever as a handle that deserves the name and the innovative integrated chain guidance, you can easily remove the broken links of any 9 to 12 speed chain. The chain breaker can be used with the Daysaver Multitool or any other tool that features a hex3 allen key.


Big enough to be grabbed properly, stiff enough to remove any tire and flexible enough not to break. Designed to be compact and light enough to carry in your shirt or shorts pocket even with your Daysaver Multitool.


With the integrated spoke wrench you can loosen or tighten your wheels spokes even on the ride.  This high precision spoke wrench is made of hardened stainless steal and is therefore durable and for professional use. With its handy shape, all spoke nipples are easily accessible and the rotation is not restricted by the spokes.


The valve core tool is integrated in the chain breaker as well.  It’s strong enough to loosen even stuck tubeless valves. The tool feels good in the hand due to its rounded shape.


To make sure you have a Master Link with you, we have integrated a dedicated holder. (Master Link is not included)






  • 5 Functions / 35 Grams
  • The chain breaker is made of highly corrosion resistant and hardened stainless steel
  • The chain breaker can be used with any Hex3 allen key
  • The chain breaker can break 9-12 speed chains (SRAM flat top chains included)
  • The tire lever – which serves as the chain breaker handle as well – is made from glass fibre reinforced polyamide which delivers the best possible flex-to-stiffness ratio for that application
  • The tire lever includes a Master Link storage and holds any Master Link by magnets (Master Link is not included)
  • For the tire lever we offer 50% Crash-Replacement-Discount!
  • The spoke wrench is for #0 nipples, it fits the most common 3.23mm nipples like DT Swiss, Sapim and many others
  • All the tools are held together by magnets and are easy to take apart and put back together



Put together what belongs together

The Coworking5 is the perfect extension to the Daysaver Multitool, together they offer 14 functions and are the go to anywhere guarantee. With their small form-factor and low weight you won’t even feel them until you need them.


So light you won’t even feel it, no  matter if you have it in your pants or jersey pocket. And if you carry these goods in your Backpack they wont take up much of space too.



The Daysaver multitool Original9 can be quickly removed and stowed away.
At the same time it holds firmly in the mount.





CHF 29.00  7.7 % VAT incl.

Out of stock

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